Sep 14, 2017

Medical Sales

  • Amgen
  • Oklahoma, United States

Job Description

Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.

•Ensure instrument analytical turnaround time (uptime/repair/maintenance)
•Conduct customer business review (KPI reviews)
•Manage customer relationship and thoroughly plan; prepare and follow up customer visits (pre-call plan; post-call notes)
•Identify customer training requirements
•Coach customers and share knowledge (education)
•Identify and resolve customer pain points (troubleshooting)
•Replenish and control inventory
•Build image and brand in eyes of customer
•“Sell” or reinforce Abbott’s total solution value offering
•Collect and transmit VOC (Voice of Customer)
•Menu expansion (utilization of existing products; new product launches)
•Service sales
•Product promotion
•Value creation
•Order management
•Contract management
•Identify/open door for opportunity to expand offering into other departments (prospecting; not doing)
•Customer consumables management
•New assay applications expansion
•Price management
•Service sales
•Free of charge control
•Menu expansion
•Lifecycle management of product
•Service cost management
•CPR management
•Contract Life Cycle and Compliance
•NPS responsibility (hot sheets)
•Management of inter-client relationships
•First line level service/fixes
•Proactive monitoring and communication via Abbott Link
•Customer inventory
•Aspen use and maintenance (CRM)

Key Performance Metrics
•Retention Rate
•Net Promoters Score
•Cost of Service
•Territory Sales Plan achievement – Base business sales and new business growth
•Account EP Plan improvement
•First Line Service KPIs


Be the representative of Abbott and the AMD brand to the customer with emphasis on laboratory management.  Will interact with Acquisition and Sales Specialist teams; Area/ Regional Marketing; Customer Support Center and Technical Service; Finance.  This position is a very visible and will influence customer purchase decisions.
Makes decision on reagent utilization on integration's and troubleshooting product replacement that impacts annual supply budget.  Considers financial and customer implications as part of decision making.

Critical contribution to the effectiveness of the Quality system with responsibility for accurate
Communication of customer complaints and the actions taken to resolve those concerns
Exhibits high level of integrity; honesty; keeping commitments and presenting information completely and accurately to both internal and external customers.
Monitor and maintains customer satisfaction through direct contact.
Adheres to safety guidelines; policies; procedures.

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